Open up business opportunities

Develop Website to answer your business questions

        Open up business opportunities. Develop Website to answer your business questions. Provide customers the experiences in buy-and-sell online with state-of-the-art appearance and functions which support Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet devices. Digisaws helps develop easy-to-use websites that fit with target audiences and meet your customer’s needs effectively.

        “Website” is like storefront and image of the brand. It’s the gateway to help attract customers’ attention, create impression and promote the brand. It serves as a bridge to link your business with the world to open the opportunity to have your brand extensively recognized. It is also a platform to share information and for online shopping.

        Therefore, it is very important that Website must catch users’ attention with their first impression, either by its beautiful and modern look or easy-to-use functions & answer the business questions. At Digisaws, we have a team of experts to design and develop website most suitable and best for your business by using WordPress software so that you can communicate with target audiences according to the business objectives.

Design and develop Website that answers business question and meets the goal

“Goal” is the important starting point in designing Website for business. Digisaws pays attention to customers’ needs. We will help design Website that meet your marketing goals, be it Website for online shopping, for information sharing, or for advertising the brand. We are ready to apply technology to help develop website to fit customers’ need the most.

Analyze competitors’ websites and provide consultation

Develop your website with higher efficiency over your competitors’ under our guidance. A team of experts from Digisaws will help you analyze your competitors’ websites in term of appearance, function, feature, and content, and use what we learn from competitors to develop perfect Websites for you.

Answer users’ questions in both UX and UI

After setting the goal and analyzing competitors, a team of website designers and developers will design and develop Website based on principles of need, thought, preference, and user experience (UX) by integrating business, technology and design to create perfect Website. The Website developed will have beautiful and modern design as a result of thoughtful composition which takes color, font and font size into consideration for the optimal usability. The website can work on Desktop computer, mobile, tablet as well as other communication devices along with tracking and e-payment system. Users can access to the Website anytime, anywhere, buy and sell product conveniently and rapidly. It will increase the traffic to the website and close the deal better.

Developing Website with WordPress

At Digisaws, we choose to use WordPress, a software package for developing website and manage contents on Internet. It allows you to easily take over Website management to upload contents by yourself as well as categorize contents. It provides plug-ins that help manage websites that require multiple language contents which can be further developed as E-Commerce websites to answer questions about online shopping. The website can be equipped with shopping cart system, payment system, e-commerce form template system, etc. More importantly, WordPress has the structure to support Search Engine like Google and SEO so that when customers search for, they will easily find our websites.

Example of E-Commerce Website

Example of Informative Website

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