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Why advertise on YouTube?

      Video contents have become very popular among people from all walks of life around the world. The platform for video services most commonly visited by users is YouTube. In 2019, YouTube had up to 1,900 million monthly active users. Users view more than 5 billion videos, accounted for the total of 150 million hours of videos, every day.

      Moreover, more than 60% of world population visit YouTube to watch videos. By 2025, it is forecasted that more than 50% of users aged under 32 years will stop paying to watch TV. In addition to such information about the efficiency in reaching audiences of YouTube, advertising on YouTube provides benefits as follows:

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1.Advertising on YouTube is affordable.

      When considered advertising in form of “motion picture” or “video content”, advertising on YouTube is cheaper than advertising on TV as YouTube charges advertising fee based on Cost Per View (CPV) or only charge when users watch advertising for more than 30 seconds and Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM) or only charge when displaying the ads up to 1,000 times. By charging advertising fee based on these 2 methods, it reduces the advertising spend while gaining better or equivalent outcomes compared to advertising on TV. Additionally, small businesses are able to access to this type of advertising.

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2. Reach highly-targeted audiences

      When advertising on YouTube, we can set the specific target audiences according to sex, age, and interest as well as perform Remarketing and Retargeting for Ads campaign to re-engage past customers who used to click to see our Ads or follow our channel and then buy our products as well as re-engage potential customers who already visited social media page or website to read additional information. It is different from advertising on TV which cannot set specific target audiences.


3. YouTube offers a variety of Ads formats

Formats of advertising on YouTube are not limited to only motion picture that displays before users can watch video of their interest. There are several other formats, for example, Banners appear on different pages of websites.

Youtube ad type

4. Can replay anywhere, any time

Once you post advertising on YouTube, target audiences can replay your video ads anytime, anywhere, not limited to the period of advertising.

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5. Create brand awareness and increase views at no cost

If your video Ads receives a higher number of views along with high users’ satisfactory level through the sharing of video. Your brand will be recognized and increase the view count of the Ads. When many people watch the advertising, the Ads will likely receive high ranking. YouTube system will recommend such advertising clip to other users.

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Formats of Video Ads on YouTube

TrueView In-Stream Ads

This type of Ads can be skippable if users do not want to continue watching. To skip the ads, however, users must wait until it plays for at least 5 seconds. This type of Ads can be placed before video is playing (Pre-Roll), or while video is playing (Mid-Roll), or after the end of video (Post-Roll).

Youtube Skippable in-stream ads

TrueView Discovery Ads

The length of video Ads in this format is not limited. It will appear uppermost on the search outcomes result page. When users search for video by the same Keywords that match your video Ads Keyword as well as on the Homepage of website and the upper area of video recommended.

Youtube Video Discovery Ads

Non-Skippable Video Ads

This type of video Ads cannot be skippable. The video length can be up to 15 seconds. It can be placed before video is playing (Pre-Roll), or while video is playing (Mid-Roll), or after the end of video (Post-Roll). This format of video Ads is most suitable for launching a new product.

Youtube Non-skippable in-stream ads

Bumper Ads

This format is similar to Non-Skippable Video Ads as it cannot be skipped and can be placed before video is playing (Pre-Roll), or while video is playing (Mid-Roll), or after the end of video (Post-Roll). The only difference is that it can only be up to 6 seconds long.

Youtube Bumper Ads


This type of Ads is in the form of Banner or video dimension 970 x 259 pixels on the homepage of YouTube below the search box. The cost of advertising will be on Cost Per Day (CBD) basis.

Youtube Masterhead Ads

Advertising on YouTube by Digisaws can help!

Choose objectives of advertising

To create Market Funnel that answer questions for all businesses To support branding and increase sales in the long run

Choose suitable type of Ads

Different types of Ads lead to different outcomes. We will choose the type of Ads that answer the question about Market Funnel suitable for each campaign.

Reach the right target audiences, both new and existing customers.

Set the target audiences that fit with your need and perform Remarketing to re-engage past customers who used to interact with our channel or Ads on YouTube.

Guide how to produce terrific Video Content

Guide how to use the effective content creation method and how to design videos Ads suitable for Ads campaign to get viewers’ attention and entice them to respond and buy our products

We can set Ads budget by ourself

We can set budget for each Ads campaign as well as daily Ads views without limitation We can estimate the number of reach to target audiences and number of Ads viewed.

Real-time report with recommendations

During advertising period, you will receive feedbacks about Ads performance from our team of experts with real-time report.

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Some of our customers who advertise on YouTube

BDMS Wellness Clinic

Number of views – 660,000

Max Pakapol

Number of views – 22,000


Number of views – 95,000