Google Shopping

Why advertise on Google Shopping?

Google Shopping

      There is no denying that, now more than ever, people rely on websites to search for information through Search Engine like Google in almost everything, from finding information, location and direction, to finding products and services. How good will it be if we can have our online shop appear on the first page of Google by just one click for potential customers to make buying decision.

      Google Shopping is the solution for such convenience by showing product comparison from various sellers for users to make buying decision on Google Search page.

      Look at statistics disclosed by Google. It revealed that the amount of online shopping has increased every year, particularly in Thailand.
There are searches with keywords relevant to online shopping more than 130 million searches per day with 8 million words related to ‘buy and sell online’ and ‘shopping online’. In 2010, there were up to 59 million people who searched Google with such words. This is the reason why Google Smart Shopping is another advertising channel that businesses with online shop should use.

1. Increase visibility in more interesting fashion

        Every day there are more than 100 million people around the world visiting Google website. That means there will be more people seeing online shops that advertise in Google Smart Shopping, anywhere, any time.
Higher visibility results in higher possibility to make buy and sell decision.

Google Shopping will appear on the top of each page. Search results in Google will display in Carousel style. The advertising will show online shops which sell the type of products that people searched for with 3 main detailed elements.

  • Product Title 
  • Product image 
  • Website name 
Google Shopping

2. Pay advertising fee only when people click

      Good thing about Google Shopping is that we only pay the advertising fee when people click on our Ads.

      Google will put the Ads and quote the price automatically to increase value of conversion to the highest level possible within the budget. Advertisers are also able to set their own budget. Machine learning system of Google can analyze and show the results of Ads display based on the advertising budget allocated

Google Shopping

3. Appear on several Apps or websites in Search Engine network of Google

        Since Google owns other networks of website that provide other services and are influential in online world, for example, YouTube and Gmail, Ads via Google Shopping showing your product can also be displayed on other websites in Google network.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads services by Digisaws can help!

Examine E-Commerce Website

Analyze and examine E-Commer Website Suitable for advertising and comply with Google’s policy

Recommend Title of product keyword

Recommend Title of products that answers questions in all businesses and the proper Keyword for search to boost sales

Adapt advertising to get high level of conversion

Adapt Ads content to get the high level of conversion or highest sales at the great value of return from advertising

Create and Optimize effective Ads

Create advertising through Google Shopping like expert to show the most suitable ads at high ROAS.

We can set Ads budget by ourself

We can set budget for each Ads campaign as well as daily Ads views without limitation.

Real-time report with recommendations

During advertising period, you will receive feedbacks about Ads performance from our team of experts with real-time report.

We perform Ads campaign by experts certified by Google

Google Shopping

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