Google Display Network

Increase visibility of your website by using Google Display Network

Google Display Network

There is no denying that Google has become an online platform that facilitate our living in almost everything, from traveling or searching data, to build on products, services, and numerous businesses. One of Google features commonly used is Google Display Network

Google Display Network in one of advertising channels of Google which displays advertising in form of banner or video. It will appear on websites while users are reading or viewing contents of those websites. Some website has several layers of Google Display Banners.

The objective of advertising through Google Display network is to create brand or organization awareness so that brand or business is recognized by broad audiences. It helps increase brand awareness in target audiences.

Why advertise via Google Display Network

1. Easily and widely reach target audiences

Google Display Network

More than 2 million websites around the world are indexed in Google network. Google Display Network helps you easily reach target audiences as they browse those websites online. 

2. Optimize target audiences

Google Display Network

Google Display Network generally appears on websites in Google Network that allow for ads. We can choose our Google Display Network to appear on websites that are relevant to target audience by choosing appropriate Target Option, for example.

  • Choose by Affinity, such as choose users who are interested in financial and banking, beauty, skin care, food, traveling, home decoration and furniture, health, and many others
  • Choose with In-Market
    We can choose target audience according to keyword or topic that people are searching or especially interested in order to display what fit with what target audiences are looking for.
  • Choose by Demographic, for example, gender or age
  • Choose by specific locations, such as, websites in Thailand or Bangkok metropolitan area.
  • Choose date and time to display the ads, for example, display the Ads in Google Display Network only on Monday to Friday, from 09:00 to 18:000.

3. Better brand recognition than other types of Ads

Google Display Network

As Google Display Network focuses on creating banner to tell story mainly through photos and design. Clearly defined formats of images, fonts, color, and complementary graphic will help target audiences recognize our brand or products easier. It is, therefore, the channel suitable for building brand awareness.

4. Help build customer base and increase sales

Google Display Network

We can design Google Display Network to fit with target audiences and objectives of display because Google Display Network can be set as a button for clicking to visit destination websites. If it is designed effectively based on objectives, it can persuade and entice target audiences to click on banner for reading further information. Google Display Network has a potential to become a channel to generate business income as good as other marketing channels.

Advertising through Google Displey Network by Digisaws can help!

Design Display Banners

We provide services in designing Display Banners for advertising in any format and size based on your need with modern design to get target audiences attention

Reach Target audiences matched with business

Formulate advertising plan to reach target audiences that match with your business the most to increase visibility and sales

Choose suitable objectives of advertising

Choose suitable objectives for advertising, either to increase brand awareness or conversion to increase sales, that answer business questions.

Create and optimize effective advertising

Create advertising through Google Display Network like experts to display the most fit placement with lower pay per click.

We can set Ads budget by ourself

We can set budget for each Ads campaign as well as daily Ads views without limitation.

Real-time report with recommendations

During advertising period, you will receive feedbacks about Ads performance from our team of experts with real-time report .

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Google Display Network
Google Display Network