Get the advertising appear on the first page of Google Search

Why pay for the advertising fee on Google?

1.At present, Google is the most frequently used website in Thailand and is the most popular Search Engine used for searching at 99.33%.

2. The online sales through Google increases because most of people look for information or price comparison before making buying decision

3. Compared to other platforms, Google has its strength in sales focus as people who search for information already plan or want to buy products or services.

4. Our website can appear on the first page of Google right away without having to wait for probably too long like when we do Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

5. Pay the fee only when people click on advertising.

6. We must build brand awareness because that’s what competitors do.

7. Almost all businesses adapt to advertise online, particularly advertising through Google

5 Reasons why advertising on Google costs most people too expensive per click

1. Choose proper Keyword

  • Choose Keywords for Ads campaign without checking the price per click for each particular Keyword resulting in high price per click.
  • Do not check the number of search with Keyword of Keyword volume, thus choose too broad a Keyword which is commonly used by competitors.
  • Choose Keyword specific to products or services, not too broad or too narrow, as it may result in low visibility or not being found by searching
  • Keyword chosen not relevant to products or services
  • No idea about how to choose Keyword because Keyword Planner is not utilized.
  • Not include negative keywords or other exclusion terms

2. Define Match type format

After choosing keyword(s), next step that we must do is to define match type format. Each match type will result in different outputs and price per click. If Match type is not defined, the search will be too broad with expensive price per click.

3. Webpage used for advertising not related to Keyword

When people search from keyword(s), after clicking the link to website, the webpage should show products or services specifically matched with keyword searched. It will enhance user experiences and let Google see that our landing page is effective, thus results in low pay per click.

4. Non-persuasive advertising copy causes low %CTR

One of factors causing people to click on ads is “Advertising copy”. Good advertising copy should contain keyword(s) as it will result in high advertising rank and increase the chance of clicking again or increase %CTR which in turn lower pay per click. Additionally, Ad extension should be used to increase the chance of clicking.

5. Ads frequently disapproved by Google.

Do you know? If our ads were frequently disapproved, total score of the account would decrease and resulted in expensive pay per click as Google would consider the total score or quality of our account as well.

Advertising Google Search by Digisaws can help!

Check website or sales page

Analyze and check website or sales page suitable for your advertising and comply with Google Ads policy.

Choose Keyword that answer your sales questions

Choose Keyword that answer sales questions in each business and support branding and sales in the long run.

Write advertising copy to get high %CTR

Write persuasive and interesting advertising copy relevant to Keyword to get viewers to click and visit website and buy our products.

Create and optimize effective advertising

Create advertising through Google Adwords like an expert to display most fit Keyword with lower pay per click for high ROAS.

We can set Ads budget by ourself

We can set budget for each Ads campaign as well as daily Ads views without limitation

Real-time report with recommendations

During advertising period, you will receive feedbacks about Ads performance from our team of experts.

We perform Ads campaign by experts certified by Google

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Example of advertising using Google Adwords

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