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Digisaws founded to answer your online business questions. We choose online marketing tools which are most suitable, with measurable results, for your business objectives. Your will see the overall picture of online marketing sphere. Digisaws also organizes training to develop capacity for your personnel to gain knowledge in online marketing and be able to apply it for your business.

Our services

Online Strategy

Formulate effective digital strategic plan for long-term brand building over competitors, reaching target audience, and increasing sales

Online Media

Advertise on online media appropriate for your business, build target audiences, and increase sales at affordable budget


Create website suitable for all businesses in online world with modern UX and UI designs that also support mobile application along with tracking and e-payment systems incorporated.


Produce multimedia and live streaming suitable for online channels to attract target audience through effectively designed Ads


Plan and coordinate with influencers in different tiers and from various groups of business, namely Nano, Micro, and Macro Influencer, with efficiency measurement incorporated.


Provide consultation on online marketing by experts and professional online marketers in order to advance your business to the next step

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Online marketing training courses

Google Adwords

Would you like to increase sales or traffic to your website? You can do it yourself by attending this training course. You can practice and learn all methods which will help bring your website to appear on the first page of Google.

Facebook Ads

Upgrade your business to the next level by marketing on Facebook. For your in-depth knowledge and opportunity to practice in the real settings under close supervision by online marketer.

Facebook Blueprint

Quickly understand contents needed for taking Facebook (now Meta) Buying & Planning Certificates examination within 2 days from studying more than 60 lessons with more than 200 practice questions!

Companies attended our trainings

คอร์ส ManyChat

Create Chatbot

Create Facebook Chatbot by using ManyChat platform to automatically converse with customers to have better opportunity to close the deal without having to write programming codes.

Digital Marketing 101

Understand everything about online marketing for beginners.
You can build on for the success of your business by yourself

In-House Training

We organize trainings/workshops for online marketing to improve skills for your personnel with tailor-made curricula you can design by yourself

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