Communicate with target audiences effectively

with Content Strategy

Formulate Content Strategy

Brilliant strategy will lead your business to reach the goal smoothly. Digisaws will analyze contents of your competitors and yours to compare and look for core contents suitable for the advertising in term of story, direction, objectives, etc., for example, contents created to boost the sales, contents to promote education, contents for entertainment, or contents to build brand image. We will then utilize such information to develop and create contents superior to your competitors and best answer business questions according to target audiences. Moreover, we will provide guidance on how to create contents in term of story-telling technique, copywriting Key Message, as well as essential elements of message so that you can create most suitable contents that fit the objectives. We will also advice the appropriate proportions for advertising on each social media platforms and suitable date and time to post the contents to attract the attention in a variety of channels effectively.

Create right contents for advertising on right platforms

Different platforms require different formats for storytelling about Brand. Each platform is different and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Our team of experts clearly understand each online media channel inside out, be it website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others. We will recommend online media suitable for advertising according to your objectives and target audiences as well as creation of contents suitable of each platform. This is so you can communicate your brand with your customers better.

Answer all Marketing Funnel questions

In order to close the deal, it is necessary that we need to formulate marketing plan in accordance with the objectives. The marketing plan will provide guidance on how to develop Ads campaign or strategy to best answer what we need the most. Marketing funnel is consisted of 4 stages as follows:

  1.  Awareness: This initial stage is to expose customers to our brand, draw attention to Pain Point customers face, show highlights of our brand, and indicate how our products can solve their problems
  2. Interest: Customers already know the Brand and start to follow and look for information about the Brand.
  3. Consideration: At this stage, customers start to engage with the Brand but do not yet make buying decision. The brand needs to formulate a strategy to persuade that our products are really necessary for them.
  4. Conversion: This stage is to close the deal by stimulating customers to buy products or services of the brand.

A term of experts from Digisaws will guide how to create contents suitable to each stage of Marketing Funnel so that you can win the hearts of target audiences, make them know and develop interest to the brand as well as build the brand credibility and finally close the deal.

Example of Content and Graphic Design Images

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